A Pair of .410 round body shotguns by David McKay Brown. Creative Arts engraving.

Beer? Beer!

Sailors escape from a sinking HMS Prince of Wales, minutes after it was struck by Japanese bombers. Malaya, 10 December, 1941.

Navigation Skills……….

I see lots of people carry a small button compass in there gear. These come in different sizes but they are all essentially a ‘back up item’ 

Next time you are out and about in your chosen AO. Conduct a few legs using them for some simple Navigation tasks. 
So when the time comes this is not a new tool out the box.

Being a ML and SAR my navigation is to a good standard, but it is still a skill that should used regularly. 

Stay safe,


All Wilderness Search and Rescue Personnel will push the limits “That Others May Live.” Respect their dedication and sacrifice by taking every effort to prevent an emergency before it happens.
In today’s article, we’ll examine what the average hiker/camper/outdoor enthusiast can do to increase their chances of being found by examining how Wilderness Search and Rescue Personnel approach the missing person incident.
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the ghost and the darkness

NICELEAK: 1955 Land Rover Series 1.