He-111 captured by british forces after fighting in Libya.

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Everything we try in life must have a beginning, and this is mine.  This is my space, my beginning, the place where I am learning new skills.
I made this bench using 100 year old oak from my old upright piano which recently met its end, but in that end it gave me a new beginning.
► Humble Beginnings : Wilde-Moon Leather

Herbert Otto Gille is seen here as an SS-Gruppenführer and commander of 5. SS Panzer Division Wiking in an observation post during the defense of Kovel in the spring of 1944. Of particular interest is the Gothic script version of the divisional cuffband, worn only by a few other individuals. In the historic battle for the Cherkassy Pocket in January 1944, Wiking Division, held out against Soviet forces which reached more than 20 times the strength of the encircled German units, before successfully breaking out. Subsequently ordered to take command of the ‘last man, last bullet’ defence of the city of Kovel, Gille refused to take his battered division into what he knew was a death trap; but he himself flew into Kovel, where the garrison under his command held out against repeated armoured assaults by four Soviet armies - despite not having a single remaining tank of their own - until a relief force from the Wiking Division broke in and Gille withdrew his men and vehicles, with over 2,000 wounded, along a narrow corridor. For this remarkable achievement Gille was decorated with the Diamonds on 19 April 1944.

The Dornier Do-17 Fliegender Bleistift…Image No.2: A Do-17Z in service with the Luftwaffe during World War II.
The ‘Z’ variant of the Flying Pencil, powered by two Bramo radials formed the bulk of subtype Do-17s produced. Over 450 Do-17Zs entered Luftwaffe service and was the last version built specifically as a bomber, with some adapted into the night fighter role


Am Anfang, 1940
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75 years ago today, Switzerland began to mobilize for a possible invasion. The entire country was fully mobilized in only three days. The Swiss government began to fortify positions throughout the country. Fortunately, they were never used for combat.

German Panzergrenadiers around PzKpfw IV tank at Vyazma

Frank Lloyd Wright